What to Look For When Buying an Air Conditioner in South Africa

It’s no secret that South Africa has some of the hottest weather in the world, with temperatures often reaching over 38 degrees Celsius in the summer months. With the outside heat on the rise, it’s no wonder portable air conditioner sales are increasing as residents gear up to stay cool.

If you’re looking to buy an air conditioner and live in South Africa, GMC Aircon is the company to go with. We’ve been operational for almost twenty years and have a proven track record of providing exceptional service and quality products for the heating and cooling industry, so we really know the ins and outs of what to look for when searching for a portable air conditioner for sale. Here are some tips to help get you started:

What_look_Thermometer_wm1. Measure the space that needs to be cooled. While portable air conditioners are a cheaper alternative compared to a central air system,
they also have limits on how far the air will reach. If you have a large home with several rooms, or are trying to cool an office space, it’s possible more than air conditioner will need to be used to adequately cover every room effectively. Conversely, having an air conditioner that’s too large for the space will leave everyone frigid and clammy, simply because the space cooled too quickly for heat to disperse evenly. Once you have the measurements of the space, start researching portable air conditioner units for sale in your area. An aircons cooling rate is measured in BTU’s, which means the higher the BTU the bigger the space it’s able to O cool. Take note of the maximum cooling recommendation for each one and compare it to your exact specifications to see if it will be too much or too little.





What_look_Noise_wmDetermine the noise level. As advanced as portable air conditioners are, and as far as they’ve grown technologically, no cooling unit will be 100% without noise. Some are labeled as “whisper quiet,” which means as little noise as possible, while yet others still blow the air around with bluster and cranky noise.

The best way to find out what noise the mobile aircon unit makes is to simply test it out in person, but if you’re unable to do so, ask the manufacturer or view our Order now page which has the GMCp10 specifications.  Aim for a unit that operates at 60 decibels or below so the noise your aircon makes doesn’t interfere with your normal everyday life. The GMCP10 is 53 decibels making it perfect for everyday use.



3. Do you need your portable air conditioner to have any special features? In today’s market, there’s really no such thing as an air conditioner with a simple on/off switch, simply because people love having the choice of adjusting the aircons to their own unique specifications. But do you need a touch screen systems panel? Would it be easier for you if the portable air conditioner came with a remote control? Most units have a timer now, too, so if that’s something you require make sure you look for mobile aircon units where that’s a noted feature.

GMC Portable Aircons come with an LED feature screen that’s easy to read even in low light conditions, as well as a remote control for ease and convenience. You’ll also be able to choose between a cooling-only function and a setting that also acts as a dehumidifier for small, hot spaces.

Ultimately, the air conditioner you choose depends on not only where it’s going in your home or office but the size of the space, the noise level that will be appropriate for the area, and what features are needed to make the most of your investment.

Price is certainly a concern when looking to purchase a mobile aircon unit, with some units being more expensive than others but include the same specifics. It’s important to note that although choosing a portable air conditioner is a less pricey option due to its smaller nature and spot cooling abilities, it might not always be what you need for the space you’re trying to cool. Larger buildings, like warehouses, and bigger homes will probably benefit more from having a central air conditioning unit installed; although the initial upfront cost can be expensive, you’ll save on cooling costs down the road. This type of unit also provides consistent cooling any time you need it, in every room.

No matter the reason for purchasing a portable air conditioner, GMC Aircon has you covered. We offer competitive pricing, quality products and exceptional technical support when mishaps occur, ensuring your Portable AC will run smoothly and efficiently when you absolutely need it the most. If you have any questions or would just like to chat please do contact us or request a callback as we’d love to help, you can also read a little about us here.



Backed by over 21 years of real world air conditioning experience, GMC Aircon brings you an exclusive line of portable air conditioners that offer value, dependability and, most of all, comfort for your home or business. Our GMCP10 and GMCP12 portable air conditioners are designed for many years of reliable service and can be used anywhere that space is at a premium.We would love to hear from you! So, if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with one the GMC team or you can leave any comments or suggestions below. We look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. March 2, 2015 at 2:34 pm

    I had learned a bit about BTUs before, but your article on what to look for when buying an air conditioner in South Africa opened by eyes (ears) on the issue of noise. I really appreciate your explaining the concept of decibel levels and where to find them in all of those specifications. I am a person that appreciates actual measurements versus labels like “whisper quiet” and am glad for the information. This will truly make buying an air conditioner an easier, better informed process .

  2. March 2, 2015 at 7:20 pm

    These are by far the cheapest for the load out they provide. I have been struggling to find a good air unit for when it gets too hot. I can handle most of the year but there are a good 4 months where like just seems to drag because of the heat. I actually look forward to work at that point! My house is large and gets too much heat trapped. I think I found my solution! Thanks for all this information!!



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