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The Easy, Effective Cooling Systems

The market is saturated with portable air conditioners; however, many brands make claims that end up feeling like a lot of hot air. They’re bulky, noisy and contribute to a significant rise in electricity bills. That’s why we have created the brand new energy efficient GMC Portable Air Conditioner range. Including our GMCP10Y and GMCP12RLA portable air conditioners, depending on your needs you can choose a cooling only system (GMCP10Y) or a heating and cooling system (GMCP12RLA)

Complete with dehumidifier, purifying fan, and LED remote control features, the GMC portable air conditioner range rises high above the competition with a premium cooling system that reduces temperature efficiently and quietly. Requiring no installation and no tools, the GMC range comes packed with a load of extras, including a wash filter system that allows for easy cleaning and maintenance, extending the life of your air conditioner for years to come.

The additional dehumidifier and purifying fan simultaneously cool and cleanse your air of impurities, creating a healthier, eco-friendly environment safe for the whole family. Don’t let the heat keep you from enjoying your summers! Simply roll your Portable Air Conditioner into the room, attach the window bracket to the adjustable hose and plug it right in.

Our convenient timer and remote control enable you to program hours of use throughout the hottest times of day and automatically cease use when it cools at night. GMC’s Portable Air Conditioners are the perfect solution for apartment dwellers, homes with window configurations that prevent installation of window units, or for rooms with low air circulation and high heat.