GMCP10 – Cooling Portable Air Conditioner

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    The GMCP10 is the perfect Portable aircon that offers plug & play cooling enjoyment, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the comfort of air-conditioning no matter where you are. The GMC range of Portable aircons features double condenser technology that is highly efficient and highly functional, with eco-friendly refrigerant that is free of CFC’s.

    Condensation evaporation technology means no water drainage system, means that the GMCP10 portable airconditioning system allows for rapid cooling of any environment to a comfortable, cool temperature. The 4-way air-blow swing creates very little noise and disperses the cool air evenly throughout the room, created a climate controlled environment that is remote controlled at your fingertips.

    The GMCP10 features rolling castors to position your portable airconditioner anywhere in the room. This mobile aircon is suitable for residential and commercial use and is at much at home in the office as it is in the living room, just slip the exhaust hose out of the window, position the window sliders and slider cover correctly and your room will soon be at your desired temperature.

    The GMCP10 comes complete with purifying pan and de-humidifier, making this portable airconditioner the top choice for anyone looking for a unit that is compact, efficient and easy to set-up. The unit comes ready to use straight out of the packaging and requires minimal fuss installation, attach the hose and allow the outflow through a window and then just plug it in, adjust your temperature settings on the LED display and get ready for its advanced cooling action to get your environment under control quickly and effectively.

    If you’re looking for a cost affective, hassle free installation, cooling system which is perfect for the home or office in the South African summers then the GMCP10 is perfect for your needs. If you have any further questions at all then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of the GMC Aircon team who will be more than happy to help.

  • Specifications
    GMCP10 Product Specification
  • Features

    GMCP10 Features

    • Plug in. Sit back. Enjoy air conditioning anywhere anytime.
    • Double Condenser Technology. High Efficiency
    • Patented Fogging Technology - No water drainage required.
    • Rapid cooling
    • R410A Eco-Friendly Refrigerant. No CFC
    • 4-way Air Blow Swing
    • Low Noise
    • 24hr Timer
    • Rolling Casters for easy movement
    • Suitable for office and residential use (including HDB)
    • Powerful 10,000 BTU Unit

    Supplied Accessories

    • 1.5m exhaust hose
    • window slider
    • slider cover
    • exhaust hose window adapter
    • remote control

    Unit Dimensions

    • Width : 480mm (48cm)
    • Depth : 270mm (27cm)
    • Height : 695mm (69.5cm)