GMCP12RLA – Heating and Cooling Portable Air Conditioner

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    Take control of your living or working environment with the GMCP12RT. This advanced cooling and heating portable airconditioner is the perfect aircon solution to excessive heat or cold. IT offers a plug & play solution that requires minimal fuss or installation and goes to work with its powerful three-speed fan to cool or heat the room too your temperature requirements.

    Easily programmed with its large LCD display, the GMCP12RT has soft-touch keypads that allow you to set the temperature reading to either degrees Celsius, or Fahrenheit. The 24-hour timer and clock operate with extreme precision to activate the cooling or heating system according to your settings stored in the on-board memory of the portable air conditioner.

    This portable aircon has castors and rolls into any space of the home or office, keeping you cool or warm and doing so in quiet. The top-air discharge system is quiet and powerful enough to allow for control of any medium to large sized room or office space. Its independent humidifier and self-evaporating system feature anti-bacterial technology that cleans the air as it cools or heats it, making it a safer, more comfortable living environment for you and your family or co-workers.

    So join the revolution in portable aircons with the GMCP12RT. Mobile aircon technology allows you to take your climate with you were ever you go. Perfect for apartments and other dwellings , the GMCP12RT Portable Air conditioning unit is a must have for anyone that needs to heat or cool a living space.

  • Specifications
    GMCP12RT Specifications
  • Features

    GMCP12RT Features

    • Plug in. Sit back. Enjoy air conditioning anywhere anytime
    • Rapid cooling and Heating
    • Smart Mode
    • R410A Eco-Friendly Refrigerant. No CFC
    • 3-speed cooling fan
    • Self-evaporating system
    • Temperature display(range 18~32℃(64~90°F)
    • 24 Hour timer (real timer of 1mins to 24hours)
    • Independent dehumidifier
    • Low Noise
    • Rolling Casters for easy movement
    • Suitable for office and residential use (including HDB)
    • Powerful 12,000 BTU Heating and Cooling Unit

    Supplied Accessories

    • 1.5m exhaust hose
    • window slider
    • slider cover
    • exhaust hose window adapter
    • remote control

    Unit Dimensions

    • Width : 430mm (43cm)
    • Depth : 350mm (35cm)
    • Height : 710mm (71cm)