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Cost Aspects which influence the value of a portable air conditioner consist of having the extra functionality of a heater and/or dehumidifier as well as the BTU size of the system and the warranty offered on the product. Further reasons which will increase the worth will be the brand of.... Read More

With rising temperatures come all sorts of different ways to beat the warm weather. Not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy cool temperatures all year-round and when the weather begins to swelter, you need a way to keep cool without breaking the bank.   Modern Cooling Technology The evaporative effect.... Read More


Summer time means excess heat just about everywhere you go on this planet, and South Africa is certainly no exception to this unwritten rule which is why we've written this South African summer Air conditioning guide. With our beautiful country situated in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are a little different.... Read More

For unrivaled quality and service GMC Aircon leaves the competition behind. With over 21 years of industry-backed experience and a modern, exclusive line of portable air conditioners, customers keep returning to GMC Aircon for the best in air conditioner services. We hope you enjoy our Guide to portable air-conditioners and find.... Read More


Beating the heat is a game as old as time itself. Since the first Humans ran across the fields of the past, hot temperatures have always been a scourge to be dealt with. With today’s changing climates, rising temperatures are becoming common. Those of us who have lived in the.... Read More


It’s no secret that South Africa has some of the hottest weather in the world, with temperatures often reaching over 38 degrees Celsius in the summer months. With the outside heat on the rise, it’s no wonder portable air conditioner sales are increasing as residents gear up to stay cool..... Read More


South Africa is home to warm temperatures about seven months out of the year, with the summer months reaching an excess of 38 degrees Celsius most of the time. If you are out in the heat for an extended period of time, your body will lose the precious water you.... Read More


When it comes to cooling your indoor environment during the scorching South African summer months, there’s no better choice than a portable air conditioner. They’re a less expensive alternative when compared with central air systems, are easier to move than window units and provide a better cooling option than cooling.... Read More



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